Piping, fruit and wine
Piping for the cooling system of the storage room.

Effectiveness and environment-friendliness

In deployed for noble wines

A well-known Austrian winegrower family entrusted the plant construction experts from Kremsmueller with the expansion of their production and storage areas. Also a part of the scope of the work: The complete piping of a new sparkling wine cellar. And things did not stop there…

In addition, the plant construction professionals installed a water treatment plant, a central high-pressure cleaning plant, the air conditioning and ventilation plant including the piping, as well as control technology for the complete wine and sparkling wine prodution. This large project did highlight one aspect: plant construction of the highest level is not found only in the industrial sector.

In addition, the specialists from Schwechat fitted the entire area of the vineyard with geothermal energy technology. For this purpose, collector piping was laid over an area of 1800m2. The ground collectors absorb the heat of the ground and the heat exchange medium that gets heated in the pipes flows to the heat pump. The geothermal energy can also be used for cooling the gigantic wine tanks and the storage rooms.

The team executed a similar project a little more to the north. For the storage room of one of the biggest Austrian fruit dealers in Sebersdorf in Styria, the specialists installed a cooling system. The hi-tech installation there lasted three months. In both projects, the focus was on effectiveness and environment-friendliness. Thus, the fruits of this year’s summer can be enjoyed to the fullest in autumn.

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The beautiful hillscape of the Lower Austrian Kamptal. Traditional winegrowing is combined here with ultra-modern technology.