Economic efficiency and environmental performance of our industrial plants

For the past year GLACONCHEMIE has been using a ThermoDec facility from Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) and Kremsmüller. A short overview of the economic efficiency and environmental performance of the industrial facility:

The advantages for the customer are really self-evident. A by-product from the operational process can now be recycled on-site.

To date, the raw material has been sold and transported to the Benelux countries through approximately 700 – 800 truckloads, with logistics offsetting a large part of the added value. The material is now being used to generate energy and materials at the company’s own premises, thereby saving approximately 600 tons of CO2 annually!

In fact, the environment is reaping a double benefit, since the ThermoDec process generates entirely manageable quantities of a harmless salt.

The industrial facility is also highly profitable for the customer as it will have paid for itself in a maximum of two and a half years.