District cooling powers the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and Ö3 radio

District cooling powers the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and Ö3 radio

The environmental balance is also outstanding.

The Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology Division (EMSR) of Kremsmüller Schwechat recently completed a project for Wien Energie in Spittelau. In addition to a large number of pipes and equipment, a new refrigeration system was installed, which is used for the district cooling supply.

A connection to the district cooling system makes many smaller air-conditioning plants obsolete. Due to the elimination of fully fluorinated hydrocarbons, the environment is considerably relieved. In addition, the heat required comes from the exhaust heat of the waste incineration plants and the cooling water is taken from the Danube Canal. The water is cooled down from 17 to 7 degrees in the cycle.

In addition to the Ö3 building, one of the main consumers of district cooling is the Vienna General Hospital. Here, the cold is obviously used in summer to cool the rooms, but it is also used in winter. Server rooms in the basement must be kept cool, patients can recover more effectively if the temperature is agreeable, and operating theatres also require cooling.

All in all another very worthwhile and valuable project by Kremsmüller! You can find many more details and interesting information about it in the video linked above!