The Kremsmueller Group attaches a great deal of value to top-class young executives. The branch manager Günter Schafferhofer (centre) with two freshly graduated mechanical engineers.

Distinction for Top Training

Kremsmueller trains young talent into experts in the sector and thus makes sustainable investments in quality assurance.

Kremsmueller Krieglach, in its avatar as Triality Ausbildungsbetrieb (Trialty Training) forges bright young managers. The facility acts as a vocational training school that provides comprehensive practical training, but apart from that, the trainees at the mechanical workshop also get the benefit of an additional training program.
This special involvement brought the Styrian branch recognition: "Title of Outstanding Training Organisation", because the above-average abilities of the trainees speak for themselves. The fresh graduate and excellent mechanical engineer Rene Stadlhofer had this to say: "At Kremsmueller, we are able to really grapple with the subject matter. Learning by doing is the motto here.“
The young trainees have to work intensely hard for a total of 28 weeks during their training period. They can acquire skills that far exceed the professional profile. The program includes IT knowledge, management know-how, soft skills and social competence. They select the seminars themselves together with their instructor guides. The goal is to directly employ their new skills in operations.
For the state of Styria, a well-founded apprenticeship program is an important contribution to securing its reputation as an industrial location. Branch Manager Günter Schafferhofer looks upon it as a long-term investment: "In the industry, we need qualified technical professionals who are intelligent and at the same time, willing to work hard. We are setting the course today, so that in the future, too, we are able come up with and offer individual solutions and the same outstanding quality."
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