Meeting in the Ministry
Health Minister Alois Stoeger's invitation to Parliament. He held discussions with Fritz Fuchs (left) and Friedrich Zecher (right) from Kremsmueller about a just and fair solution regarding pension for heavy workers.

Discussions in the Ministry

Kremsmueller workers’ council campaigns for fair pension legislation.

In autumn, the pension reforms legislation is due to be passed in the Austrian Parliament. That is precisely what the workers’ councils of Kremsmueller are addressing, to protect the rights of fitters and installers to pension. They are informing political decision-makers about the working conditions of fitters. There has already been a positive resonance in the Social and Health Ministry and in the uppermost ranks of the union.
The so-called "Hackler legislation" lapses in 2013, which is when the heavy labour legislation without deductions comes into force. What the workers’ councils of Kremsmueller are demanding: fitting work must also be officially recognised as heavy labour. Fitters are subject to extreme hardship, which hardly anyone would be able to sustain up to the age of 65. Hard physical labour in extreme heat in the summer and biting cold in the winter.  Construction sites requiring work at vertigo-inducing heights or in close, humid trenches. And after a week of such hard labour, there usually awaits a long trip home as well.
Since the founding of the company, the Kremsmueller group has stood for fair and just conditions in this demanding sector. Initiatives for better conditions in relation to "Fitting and installation work" are fully supported by the company management.