Grinding work
Grinding work deep in the inside of the High Tauern.

Deployment in the high mountains

An installation team from the pipeline construction division passed the acid test.

When conductors are to be installed in a mountain tunnel and the construction site at a height of 2.200m above mean sea level can only be reached by gondola, real professionalism is required. An installation team from Kremsmueller KG, equipped with skis and snow shoes, fought their way through in just such a place – and not just against the huge snow masses.

In a tunnel that was 8,200m in depth below the Granatspitze in the mountains of the High Tauern, the men installed two emergency-capable shut-off valves and a branch. A leading provider of passenger traffic services is automating the Southern Power Station. Apart from technical know-how, the men also had to exhibit a high degree of awareness of the special safety requirements of the construction site. The project leader of the team insisted on a detailed safety and hazard plan as well as the correct equipment (self-rescuers, measuring instruments for CO, CO2, O2 and the air stream as well as First Aid equipment for the Alpine deployment).

Nonetheless, the men were not spared unexpected events: their transport through the tunnel, a locomotive, failed during the trip. Unfortunately, there was no engine driver available and the men had to push the engine back 1.5km. The team did not lose courage even when they had to put up in emergency quarters: a snow storm made the descent using skis and the gondolas too dangerous.
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Installation - extreme
The installation team of the pipeline construction division braved the extreme weather conditions.
Shut-off valve
Hightech in the high mountain tunnel. Shut-off valves that had to be operated manually were replaced by automatic, remote-controlled shut-off valves. It is thus possible to react quickly in an emergency.