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The units comprise a set of high-precision parts matched to one another up to the minutest detail. They provide the optimum cooling performance when they interact with one another.

Cooling system for Chinese atomic power plant

Kremsmueller Sigmarszell took on the manufacture and installation

For the Chinese atomic power station Taishan, Kremsmueller Sigmarszell manufactured 8 cooling units of 25 tonnes each and installed them at the site. The units are responsible for the smooth running of the cooling circuits in the reactor and are used directly in the hot zone.

Accordingly, the time and effort required for testing the machines was also extremely high. Every handle, every piece of electrode was documented. All the components were acceptance-tested several times and checked by an independent inspection commission.

After completion, every machine was subjected to an intensive trial run. Thereafter, the Kremsmueller Sigmarszell team once again completely dismantled all the machines, X-rayed, sandblasted, painted and insulated them again. Only then could Kremsmueller ship the machines to China and install them at the site there.
The nuclear power station will supply nuclear energy to the Guangdong province in future. It was named after the city in which it is located – Taishan. It is in the south of the People’s Republic and home to about a million people.

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The cooling units were fabricated by a team. Welding specialists from the Steinhaus production facility and pipe fitters and machine fitters from Kremsmueller Ruggell also contributed and proved their expertise.