Cool apprentice days in the country

Our new training concept APPRENTICESHIP + incorporates “more community” as one of its three main components. The apprentice days will definitely make an ideal contribution to fulfilling this goal.

Once a year the Kremsmüller apprentices take part for two days in workshops on a specific topic, where they also have time to get to know each other and interact. As in previous years, we went to Steyregg near Linz ? the perfect green setting for a fabulous group event. Auch dieses Jahr ging es nach Steyregg bei Linz. Die ideale, grüne Umgebung für ein tolles Gruppenerlebnis.

This time the workshops were held under the motto “One for all, all for one”. They included in-depth communication training that apprentices can make good use of in their daily dealings with each other, but also with their superiors.

The following points were covered:

  • Positive contact with superiors and colleagues based on partnership
  • Personal tools and first impressions
  • Basic principles of interpersonal communication
  • Active listening
  • Dealing with conflicts and how to avoid them
  • Etiquette and what I should pay attention to when dealing with superiors.
Many of the individual exercises also took place outdoors, which was still more fun in beautiful weather. The participants even went climbing together, which was highly enjoyable for everyone involved.

The opportunity of having all the apprentices together was used extensively. Current topics were addressed and company values conveyed. The young people were shown what was expected of them, and in return they were allowed to express their wishes. Gregor Kremsmüller provided a lot of first-hand information on what is expected of a family business!

All in all these were very successful apprentice days, which were brilliantly organized and presided over by the Schwechat apprentice coordinator, Philipp Lang.

Many more impressions of the Kremsmüller Apprentice Days 2019 can be found in the video linked above. Have fun!

You can find everything about our apprenticeships with “Apprenticeship +” HERE.