Kremsmueller 4 Life, Welser Tafel, Essen und Leben, Container, Waiting area
The container serves as a waiting area in front of the entrance to the association's building.

Container for the “Welser Tafel“ Initiative

With the help of a container, an urgently needed waiting room was provided for the association Food and Life (Essen und Leben) in Wels.

Up until now there has been an enormous rush for the meals of the Welser Tafel, and the interior dining area was often full to bursting with queues of the needy. Now a container has been placed in front of the entrance so no one is let down, not even in bad weather, and can make himself comfortable until a seat becomes available in the parlour.

The container facilitates the work of the volunteers enormously as the level of noise inside the dining area was previously extremely high. This not only made the whole experience unpleasant but also hindered conversations with and among the guests. Many of the visitors are regulars and thoroughly enjoy the exchange with the volunteers. After all, listening attentively to the problems and concerns of the needy is at least as important as the meals themselves.

Unfortunately, the number of those who sink into poverty and are dependent on associations such as “Food and Life” is constantly increasing ? one really good reason to support the project through Kremsmüller 4 Life. A few statistics: 900,000 men and women in Austria are at risk of poverty, 340,000 of these are acutely poor. Some are ill and cannot work. Others cannot find employment because there is a lack of jobs. Too many are dismissed as a result of depression or reduced productivity. Hundreds have no roof over their heads for themselves and their children.

Detailed information about Kremsmüller 4 Life can be found here.