Distribution node
Work in the control room had to be carried out during ongoing operations.

Completely refurbished after 35 years

The electrical system of a natural gas distribution node in Wiener Neustadt is now once again state-of-the-art

The electrical system of a natural gas distribution node in Wiener Neustadt had reached a ripe old age. The I&C team (Instrumentation and Control) took charge of the refurbishing of the valve operating gear, heater blower, counter devices as well as their electrical supply.

Twelve switch cabinets were planned, fabricated and installed and after the TÜV inspection, connected. All the wiring was completely renovated. The switch cabinet with the controller of the diesel emergency power supply was also replaced. Most of the parts that had been fitted were not state-of-the-art any more. What was remarkable was that all the work in the control room was executed during ongoing operations. In addition, a stringent schedule was drawn up. This needed really experienced workers familiar with every single action. A frame was installed on two movable cranes for the explosion-protected lighting at a height of six metres, since no “normal” frame could be used. This innovative idea was praised by the customer and also contributed decisively to the safety of the workers.

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Crane gantry
Inventive! Because the situation at the site demanded it, a framework was quickly mounted on two cranes.