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Working in rough terrain.

Climbing Exercise on Span Poles

A 30-year-old power supply line was replaced at a height of 18 metres ? no mean feat for the Electrical Engineering Division.

The engineers of Kremsmüller’s Telecommunications Division are always working at lofty heights. This, though, is not usually the order of the day for employees from the electrical instrumentation and control technology department. At Donawitz, a 30-year-old power line stretching from the span pole to the transformer station was replaced by a new one, which meant that cable terminations had to be installed at a height of 18 meters. As the pylon is located in rough terrain in the forest, work could not be carried out using scaffolding or a lifting platform. Support came from professional industrial climbers who took over the job.

“For this type of work, electrotechnical expertise is of paramount importance. In this particular case, though, it was also necessary to have a sufficient head for heights to be able to carry out the task in a calm and composed manner. A unique challenge that left a strong impression on everyone,” says the project manager.

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Fitting, span pole, electrical engineering, power cable
Professional industrial climbers secure the I&C fitters.