bk faymann kremsmueller
Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann with the junior director of the Group Gregor Kremsmüller on their way to the production shops.

Chancellor of Austria Faymann at Kremsmueller

Top-level political visit to the company

Just a few days before the National Assembly vote, Chancellor Werner Faymann announced his visit to the headquarters of the Kremsmueller Group. Accompanied by a contingent of media representatives, the Chancellor and Secretary of State Josef Ostermayr visited the campus of the Kremsmueller Group of Companies.
While doing a round of the company, the guests had the opportunity to get an idea of the huge investments made by the company at the Steinhaus location. During the round, Werner Faymann showed himself to be astoundingly down-to-earth. He sought to engage the Kremsmueller employees in conversation and was interested, above all, in getting information about the training and further education offered by the group.
At Kremsmueller, we are always happy to use opportunities to engage with politicians, because improvements on the part of the employers as well as the employees can only be achieved through ongoing, constructive dialogue between economy and politics. For many years, Kremsmueller has served as an ideal example to politicians. Despite the political independence of the company, the live social partnership is what is on the agenda here. Kremsmueller has been proving how well this can function at an operational level now since more than 50 years.
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Faymann visits Kremsmueller
On a round of the company, Werner Faymann is impressed by the quality standards of the Kremsmueller Group.
Secretary of State Ostermayr
Secretary of State Josef Ostermayr and Kremsmueller General Manager Roland Peck leafing through the staff newsletter of the Group.