InoSmart in the Solar park
In our home country, we look upon the environment as being priceless. With the electric charging station in its product portfolio, Kremsmueller has struck one more blow for the environment.


Maximum environment standards at Kremsmueller

In the autumn, Kremsmueller once again put its safety and environment management system to the test. The successful  re-certification of the quality assurance system according to EN ISO 9001 as well as the fresh certification of the environment management system according to EN ISO 14001 were a measure of the high standards that Kremsmueller has pledged to meet.

At Kremsmueller, the thrust is on the health and safety of the employees. This safety-conscious thinking is also reflected in how we treat the environment. All the employees are actively integrated in processes and supported in further training. The management also awards prizes to particularly committed employees. Thus, the Kremsmueller Environment Prize was awarded for the very first time this year. Just as with the Kremsmueller Safety Prize, the focus is on a high dgree of involvement for sustainable improvements. The first prizewinner pointed out effective methods for saving energy in the office.
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