Bundled Know-how for Natural Gas Technology

A plant for TEG drying was installed in Lower Austria. Various Kremsmueller plants worked together with one another for the project

Kremsmueller erected a TEG regeneration reboiler unit for the OMV compressor station in Auersthal (TEG=tri-ethylene glycol). In this plant, natural gas is brought in very close contact with TEG in an absorption process. In this manner, steam and the higher hydrocarbons can be separated from the natural gas.

In this project, a great deal of attention was paid to having as many technical departments as possible collaborating with one another. The Schwechat branch of Kremsmueller was responsible for the order processing, engineering, project management, technical documentation, I&C and materials testing. The storage tank, heat exchanger and distillation column were fabricated in the fabrication sheds in Steinhaus. The staging post of Gänserndorf was tasked with the pipelines and the installation of all the plant parts. The mechanical workshop in Krieglach contributed turned parts and pressure-bearing attachments.

Thus, it was possible to execute the project from a single source, so to speak. Unnecessary interfaces were eliminated, and all the works were optimally in tune with one another, contributing to fast and successful implementation.

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