Piping system
Impressive technology: The temperature in the hot water tank is regulated while it is dropping. Two piping systems for hot and warm water make it possible.

Boiler of the superlatives

Recycling of a different kind: How to bring 20 million litres of water to a boil

The tank professionals from Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau had their hands full. The task involved converting an old oil tank into a hot water tank. Fixtures and attachments weighing tonnes  were prefabricated in the tank and equipment manufacturing facility at Steinhaus. Lifting and positioning the nozzles and piping through an opening that was just about 4 times 6 metres in size proved to be millimetre-precision work.
The hot water tank is located in one of the most modern and cleanest power plants in Europe. By means of co-generation of heat and power, apart from electrical energy, long-distance heating is also generated. With a rating of up to 100 MW, about 240 GWh are fed annually to the grid. Since the heat can now also be stored for a long time, the energy supply is not just environment-friendly but now also fail-safe.
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Gigantic boiler
With a diameter of 39 metres and a height of 20 metres, the hot water tank is of enormous size.