Furnace gas washer
During the construction phase, several tanks seemed to come up next to each other

Blast Furnace Gas Scrubber Constructed of Duplex Steel Impresses

Kremsmüller implemented a major project for voestalpine and constructed an impressive blast furnace gas scrubber.

33.5 meters high, 6.5 meters in diameter and weighing approximately 180 tons – these are the key data of the blast furnace gas scrubber manufactured for voestalpine by Kremsmüller, a project that was implemented in a production hall located outside the voestalpine site due to its enormous scale. Kremsmüller was awarded the contract once again because the experts were able to incorporate decades of experience, knowledge and know-how in the run-up to the project.

The blast furnace gas scrubber serves to clean and cool the blast furnace gas, which is produced as a by-product gas in the blast furnace process. By injecting process water into the gas stream, the dust components are washed out and the gas pressure is regulated to the steel mill gas pressure. In this way, the blast furnace gas can be used for energy generation or as a heating gas in the process.

While the blast furnace gas scrubber was originally tendered in carbon steel, Kremsmüller was the only supplier to present an additional version in Duplex. Ultimately, it was precisely this proposal that was successful because of its major technological advantages: There is no need for an internal coating, thus eliminating inspection and maintenance downtimes for internal corrosion protection; insulation is unnecessary; there is a reduction in weight, etc.

The entire project was managed by a team of experts from three regional companies. Kremsmüller’s Apparatus and Tank Construction Department was responsible for the entire gas scrubber manufacturing process. For voestalpine, this partner strategy provided decisive synergies. “Thanks to the collaboration between the long-standing business partners and the customer voestalpine, the decision-making paths were short. Technical modifications could be implemented quickly and flexibly. Manufacturing on the doorstep enabled voestalpine to provide constant quality monitoring and production support,” comments the Kremsmüller project manager with satisfaction at the process. The voestalpine project manager also sees it this way: “Even in times of globalization, the advantages of local, highly qualified partner companies predominate when it comes to the implementation of technically challenging projects with demanding schedules.

The project ran over one and a half years. It took just under seven months to construct the scrubber which was completed on schedule to the customer’s complete satisfaction.
Manövrieren lässt sich ein 33,5 m langes und 6,5 m hohes Bauteil nur mit Spezialgerät
Erst am Ende der Bauphase wurden die Segmente zu einem großen Bauteil „verheiratet“