Happy Kids Kremsmueller
The Happy Kids instructors in the workshop: "If we give our children the chance to develop self-esteem, self-worth and self-assurance, they will not feel the need to fight or become violent."

Baerenstark! Awesome!

Kremsmueller supports violence prevention courses in schools

For the association called Verein Happy Kids, Kremsmueller 4 Life financed the training of violence prevention instructors. In future, in the framework of the "Baerenstark" programme (literally: strong as a bear, figuratively, awesome), they will hold courses and workshops in schools and kindergartens. The children will be taught how they can properly defend themselves against attackers. 

For many years now, Happy Kids has been supporting children and youth who were victims of violence and sexual abuse. With the Baerenstark programme, the organisation is entering the domain of prevention of violence. Baerenstark started with a lot of success in Vienna. But there was a shortage of trained instructors for courses in western Austria. 

To be able to offer Baerenstark in the central region of Upper Austria in the future, Happy Kids turned to Kremsmüller 4 Life for help. The training lasted a year and the ladies are now working in honorary positions. Not just the children, but educationists and parents will also be involved in the Baerenstark programme. 

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