There is a lot of zest for life when challenged artists get to work.

Art & Technology

The fascinating fusion of two worlds in a unique project.

The feedback from our customers about our social service  programme „Kremsmueller 4 Life“ has been tremendous. The praise and recognition for the professional involvement have shown us that we are doing the right thing. We are now asking ourselves: how can we get our numerous customers involved creatively in „Kremsmueller 4 Life“.
A truly extraordinary project was conceived in cooperation with the "Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich" (Help for Life, Upper Austria) organisation. For the „Kremsmueller 4 Life Kunstreise“ or Journey of Art, mentally challenged artists created some quite special works. Old engineering drawings from Kremsmueller, paint and above all, a lot of zest for life gave rise to impressive paintings. After a long period of preparation, almost 40 m² of art were ultimately created within 2 weeks. Even though things got really hectic during that time, the unique group of artists never lost their enthusiasm for the project.
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