The machinery is the core of the workshop.

Anniversary celebration in Krieglach

Five years ago, Kremsmueller launched mechanical precision fabrication in Krieglach (Steiermark).

At that time Kremsmueller acquired the mechanical workshop of an old long-standing pipe factory. Over the past 5 years the focus was on the complete modernization of this facility. A new grinding shop was the final step in the range of activities.
High-precision mechanical machining is the core competency of this shop. Among other things, it builds prototypes for the automotive industry. The range of machinery is oriented toward individual products and limited-lot production. In cooperation with a partner company in the immediate vicinity, Kremsmueller also provides the final surface treatment of component parts.

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Krieglach workshop
Consistently modernized over the past five years: The mechanical workshop Krieglach
Anniversary and opening of grinding shop
Günter Jauck (managing director of a partner company), Support center manager Guenter Schafferhofer, Mayor Regina Schrittwieser and managing director Karl Strauss celebrate 5 years of mechanical fabrication at Kremsmueller.