Christian in the interview
Christian at his workplace. You can watch the interview with a click on the picture.

An Exceptional Workforce Makes all the Difference

Excellent personnel are one of the most important strengths Kremsmüller offers.

Kremsmüller is proud of its employees. Of all the companies in the industry, Kremsmüller has the highest proportion of in-house personnel, who are highly skilled, proficient and professional thanks to its apprenticeship and in-service training policies. This aspect distinguishes Kremsmüller significantly from its competitors and constitutes a decisive advantage in sensitive situations in project management.

Furthermore, the proportion of long-term, loyal employees at Kremsmüller is high. These staff members identify strongly with the Kremsmüller brand and values. Kremsmüller would like to present some of them at regular intervals. On this occasion, an employee was interviewed who has been ensuring quality in production for 32 years.

In the video, Christian recounts his beginnings at Kremsmüller and describes the aspects of his job that continue to inspire and excite him. The video also shows him in action.