Honouring the workers' council member,  Kremsmüller
There were many illustrious guests present to honour Fritz Fuchs. PRO-GE Chairman Rainer Wimmer, Chamber of Commerce President Dr. Christoph Leitl, guest of honour and Kremsmueller foundation rock Fritz Fuchs and Mag. Gregor Kremsmueller (from the left).

An employer with continuity

Kremsmueller honours erstwhile workers’ council member for half a century of working with the company

The Kremsmueller company has been a fixed entity in the industrial plant firmament for 53 years. From the very beginning, quality thinking and a sense or responsibility have moulded the relationships with the customers. This continuity is also seen within the company: a short while ago, we celebrated the first fiftieth work anniversary of an employee.

Fritz Fuchs, erstwhile member of the workers’ council of Kremsmueller, has been with the company for half a century. As a mark of recognition, the company management awarded him the golden ring of honour of the group. At a celebration, we looked back on 50 years of working together.

Not least, the work of Fritz Fuchs is a certificate of a decades-long, successfully lived social partnership. It is proof that by deploying all the collective strengths, complex tasks and hindrances can be converted into success.

Many employees who had been honoured for long and loyal service attended the evening of the celebration. Many of them had been in the company for more than 30 years. This was an indication that Kremsmueller was on the right path even as an employer.

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Honouring Karl Strauß
It was not just Fritz Fuchs who had occasion to celebrate. Karl Strauß, the Managing Director of the Kremsmueller Group, also celebrated his 15-year anniversary with the company.