Control cabinet
Kremsmueller commissioned the control cabinets in the factory of the customer.

All wrapped up!

A new production line for a long-established company

The old-established customer from the roofing sector has been constantly investing for years in its production facility for corrugated sheet roofs. And this year, too, the experts from Kremsmueller were summoned on board for the automation solution.
Specifically, the sheet covering system, the evaporation line as well as an oil machine were modernised. There was less than two months time for the planning of the software and hardware, for prefabrication of six control cabinets with an intermediate terminal box and a control console, and then for the assembly.
There were up to 10 men at the construction site at peak times – for logistical reasons, it would not have been possible to deploy more personnel. After all, the perfect control over all parts of the project and the optimum interaction between all teams was the key to success: The customer was able to start up the plant punctually and more importantly, with the full range of functions.
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Production line
Kremsmueller automated the production line with electric linear drives.