while disconnecting
The service engineer always has tools and spare parts with him. Only then can be react quickly at the site (Photo: Peter Witt).

A Man for All Seasons

Insights into the working life of a KTT-SAXS Service engineer

Leading mineral oil companies have depended for years on the reliable service station maintenance of the specialists from KTT and KTT-SAXS. Numerous support bases in Austria and Germany make such an efficient network possible. Christian Jank, KTT-SAXS Service engineer, gives us a glimpse behind the curtains.

His workday normally starts around 7 o’clock. Generally, Christian Jank knows knows most of his schedule for the next day on the previous day. But a fault can occur somewhere at any time. Therefore, this father of three has to be always online, always reachable when he is on the road. But the engineer never lets things get hectic. Keeping calm is an art that Christian Jank has mastered perfectly. „After all, a service station is a dangerous place“, he says.

When he arrives at the service station of the customer, one of the biggest service station chains in Germany, he is expected. A fault in pump number 3: the filled levels are not being displayed. Complying exactly with all the safety regulations, Christian Jank climbs down the dome shaft. „Corrosion on the cables“, he finds. Does not happen often, but can be quickly put right. „Gathering experience what is most important in my job, he says.“ You can see that he enjoys his work.

The service engineers of KTT SAXS attend to service stations round the clock. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Curious? Do visit the homepage www.k-tt.de.
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24 hours on the road
The KTT-SAXS Service network ensures mobility. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.
At the pump
Out of order? That's an unknown word for Christian Jank and his colleagues of the KTT-SAXS Service network (Photo: Peter Witt).
in cockpit
From the cockpit of his car, Christian Jank has the perfect oversight over his service deployments (Photo: Peter Witt).