Fittings service Kremsmüller
Small, large, heavy, complex - the fittings service department maintained over 1700 fittings during the OMV shutdown.

A Feat of Strength in Schwechat

Two major shutdowns at Borealis and OMV posed a challenge for all those involved. At peak hours more than 500 employees were on duty.

Performing high-quality work under time pressure, scheduling and coordinating numerous employees, ensuring safety performance ? these are some of the many factors that make a major turnaround a challenge. Decades of experience and untiring dedication mean, however, that Kremsmüller never ceases to relish being deployed for such tasks.

Maintenance activities accounted for most of the shutdown work at the Borealis plant. Around 1,000 new pipe connections were welded, 1,200 fittings replaced or renewed and around 8,000 flange connections processed. The stoppage at OMV was even more extensive. A new flue gas pipeline was installed at the heart of the refinery, the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) plant where crude oil is converted into important precursors for fuel production. The task in the complex ethylene plant comprised pipeline construction and steelwork as part of the replacement of two heat exchangers. The fittings service department was responsible for more than 1,700 parts. All in all, 1,614 safety valves, 61 butterfly valves, 20 gate valves and 26 shuttle valves of different nominal diameters were serviced.

One aspect Kremsmüller particularly cares about is safety. The orders could be processed without incidents, not only with regard to the task at hand, but also in terms of safety.

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Test bench, safety valve
A safety valve on the test bench.