Kremsmueller Apprentice Electrical Engineering
After the apprenticeship, the young blood can prove its knowledge and ability in the big industrial houses of the world.

A career start with Kremsmueller

The Kremsmueller Group is always on the look-out for ambitious new blood – particularly in the technical vocations

Being a renowned and attractive employer in the Wels region, Kremsmueller is often the first place that youth think of approaching when they are looking for apprenticeships or traineeships. The Kremsmueller Group is constantly on the look-out for new blood in the technical field, despite now already having a strength of 2400 employees. So for anyone wishing to learn a trade and enjoy the benefit of a qualified training, Kremsmueller is exactly the right place.

Training here to become a plant engineer, a facility engineer or energy technician, or a steel construction and welding engineer, or a draftsman in the company headquarters in Steinhaus can be the foundation stone of a successful professional career.

At Kremsmueller, in addition to technical training, importance is also attached to the development of social skills. A cooperative and respectful attitude is also a central aspect of the “Real Kremserl” model. The first Kremsmueller trainee weekend was held in March with a view to strengthening team spirit.

In Lachstatthof in Steyregg, the focus was on getting to know one another, to strengthen mutual trust and the future cooperation. The trainees and the support team showed full commitment in the various outdoor exercises, the group work and the group discussion. The feedback about the weekend was totally positive.

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Trainee weekend
Solidarity and teamwork are strengthened on the trainee weekends.