Pressure pipe
The fitters surmounted an ascent of up to 21.5 degrees.

442 metres of high-pressure pipeline replaced

The Gosau power plant generates 71 million kWh of energy every year. This corresponds to the annual requirement of about 20,000 households

Hydropower is the most sustainable and environment-friendly form of energy generation. In order to sustain the function of the Gosau power plant, which is now over 100 years old, for future generations, the penstock had to be replaced.

This was done by dismantling the existing rivetted pipe sections and replacing them with a new welded pipeline. The pipe has a diameter of 1.3 metres and is totally 442 metres long. 53 individual pipe parts had to be manufactured for this purpose with extraordinarily stringent specifications. This was a challenge for the production division, and this challenge continued with the assembly.

It was a challenge because an ascent of up to 21.5 degrees had to be overcome, and precision work was required amid projecting rocks. Nonetheless, the project was completed in the given time. In December, the Gosau power plant at the foot of the Dachstein range resumed operations.

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Power house
A total of 53 pipe sections were manufactured for this project.