Kremsmueller column fittings, production Steinhaus
400 individual parts were assembled precisely with 1600 threaded joints.

400 individual parts fitted in the narrowest of spaces

There was a real shortage of space during assembly work in a column. The inner diameter was just 90 to 100 centimetres

Claustrophobia was the one affliction that the assembly team for this project could not afford to suffer from. Valve trays and other process engineering fittings had to be assembled for a 38 metre long rectification column weighing 40 tonnes. Two factors made this project a real challenge: Normally, such fittings are assembled in the vertical and not horizontal position of the column. Secondly, the reactor was very slim in construction, with inner diameters between 90 and 100cm. The hatches in the inside of the column are hardly larger than the DIN-A3 size. But nonetheless, the nearly 400 individual parts were fitted in the apparatus within seven working days and to do so, 1600 joints were screwed or bolted with millimetre accuracy. Special criteria applied to all welding work, since the medium processed in the column also contained hydrogen. All the seams that came in contact with it were subjected to a 100 percent X-ray examination.

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Special apparatus building, Kremsmueller
The finished apparatus serves for separating thermal mixtures in the petrochemicals industry.
Assembly of fittings, rectification column
Assembly in the narrowest of spaces.