Pipeline paper mill plant renovation
New pipelines in a wide variety of nominal sizes were installed.

3,000 Meters of Pipelines Laid

The Chemnitz-based company Max Straube Industrierohrleitungsbau was awarded a major contract with the Leipa paper mill in Schwedt.

Almost 3,000 metres of pipelines with nominal diameters between DN 25 and DN 700 were laid and installed for a variety of purposes in the course of modernising various plants. At peak times, up to 40 fitters were on site, specialised in pipeline construction, steel construction, trace heating, insulation work and weld seam testing.

The work on the “14 bara process steam” system proved to be the most complex. Here, the system was assembled in various sections. At the beginning, the existing steam pipeline to the turbine had to be dismantled, then the new one installed and connected to the steam distributor in the southern power plant. The next step was to lay the pipeline between the southern and northern power plants on a new pipe bridge. In the northern plant, the pipeline was connected to the newly constructed process steam mains. Two steam conditioning stations were also installed. Finally, the new steam extraction line of the steam turbine in the northern power plant was connected to the 14 bara steam system. For this subproject, around 350 metres of pipeline in DN 300 to DN 700, and 150 metres of small pipeline in DN 50 were installed for drainage. The entire welding seams were thoroughly inspected. All of the ten subcontracts of this million euro project were successfully completed from June to December 2017 and were on schedule.

The long-established company, Max Straube, concentrates its expertise in the field of pipelines and offers a complete service from planning and project planning to delivery and installation. Whether for heat generation or refrigeration, power plant technology, industrial pipeline or underground pipeline construction, Max Straube excels through its experience and technical know-how. The company is a subsidiary of the Kremsmüller Group and with the services it offers is an ideal complement to the existing portfolio of the Austrian industrial plant constructor.