Horizontal dryer production Process technology Motorised apparatuses
Technology of the Kremsmueller brand. This horizontal dryer is going to China. For the thermal separation of media, the materials must be able to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. The materials were stressed up to their limit, but nonetheless, the premier trial run was successful and fully vibration-free
Horizontal dryer production Process technology Motorised apparatuses Manufacturing dryer special apparatus Kremsmueller
June 2017

Technology Finds its Way into Production

High-precision mechanical engineering, complex processes, challenging special materials ─ Kremsmüller is gaining a foothold in process technology.
Kremsmüller is in prime position when it comes to process equipment engineering. In recent months, the requisite infrastructure has been created for this purpose. While Kremsmüller is optimally positioned in terms of electrical instrumentation and control technology, and automation technology, the adaptations for the new production steps have now been implemented in the production halls.

To this end, a special scaffold tower was built for the process equipment, enabling trial operations to be carried out in a vertical position. In a complex but necessary undertaking, the finished apparatus had to be dismantled again and the components lifted over the hall roof using a special crane and then assembled vertically with the utmost precision. The trial operation serves to guarantee the planned values. Only after this quality assurance is the apparatus ready for delivery.

Kremsmüller is breaking new ground in this segment. In order to be able to serve a multitude of industries, it is necessary to establish strong partnerships with engineering consultancies. In the field of thermal separation technology, as is the case with thin film evaporators, for example, we have built up our know-how in-house. Thus, in cooperation with the other departments of Kremsmüller it is possible to offer a unique complete package without any interfaces.

All aspects of evaporator technology, including process engineering, feasibility studies and pilot plants, are completely covered by experts at Kremsmüller. The result is already apparent ─ the first projects have been successfully completed and further challenging projects are already in the pipeline.

If you would like to find out more about our technology division, simply click on Contact and you can reach our experts directly by email.
Kremsmüller installs district heating pipes at the harness racing track in Krieau
Kremsmüller installs district heating pipes at the harness racing track in Krieau
2,3 kilometers of CHP lines supply the „Korso“ residential project in district 2 with heating and cooling. A great project for the strong Kremsmüller-Team.
Even during summer, Kremsmueller handles exciting projects throughout “DACH region” (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and beyond. Especially in the core areas of Kremsmueller is no way around the skilled workers of the family-run business from Steinhaus.

A good example is the project at the harness racing track in Krieau. In June, Kremsmueller was commissioned by BauConsult to lay CHP lines in "District Two". The professional expertise and know-how of the experienced Kremsmueller staff were decisive factors and outweighed any possible doubts regarding the recapitalization phase, which back then has just been started.

With the pipes to be built on site, district heating and cooling are transported, which are produced by BauConsult in an environmentally friendly and renewable way, largely from geothermal energy, on the area of the Krieau harness racing track. The work will last from mid-July to the end of November 2020 and includes approx. 2,300 meters of CHP lines, which will be laid at a depth of approx. two meters. This requires approx. 350 weld seams and approx. 100 pre-insulated fittings. The qualified Kremsmueller employees are literally speaking at work with full commitment and all their professional expertise. In a video provided to this article, you can get a first impression of the work.

In the mentioned video you can see an interview of the customer, who is very satisfied with the quality and progress of the work and the project manager Forian also has a say in it. He who puts a lot of passion into the success of this project. Have fun watching!

You can find more information about the pipe and plant construction department of the "United Skills of Kremsmueller" right
August 2020
Falling film evaporator calls for new processing techniques
Falling film evaporator calls for new processing techniques
Kremsmüller can rely on the skills of its employees no matter what the requirements. And new competencies are constantly being added.
For decades Kremsmüller has been growing with every new project and every fresh challenge. The strength of the company results from the accumulated skills of its workforce. And these are impressive, as industry experts and customers alike will confirm.

In the middle of last year the company was working on two falling film evaporators. The project provided several employees with yet another opportunity to develop their skills. Processing techniques such as rolling and nickel welding were used in its implementation.

In each of the two evaporators 248 tubes were inserted and then rolled in using a motor-driven spindle. During these operations, many an employee developed into an undisputed rolling expert. With nickel welding, on the other hand, attention had to be paid to things like correct temperatures, effective exhaust air extraction and a good deal more besides.

Thanks to a diverse range of projects with their ever-changing challenges, work at Kremsmüller is never monotonous and offers many opportunities for professional development.

All in all an exciting project, which was carried out to the customer’s complete satisfaction.
August 2020
Oxi Reactor Weighing 160 Tons
Oxi Reactor Weighing 160 Tons
Kremsmüller's Apparatus and Tank Construction Division has manufactured an Oxi Reactor which is impressive for more reasons than just its size.
Heavy-lift and oversized transportation has been common practice at Kremsmüller for decades. Nevertheless, it is always awe-inspiring when a new steel colossus leaves the factory halls. In this particular instance, an oxi reactor weighing 160 tons and measuring up to 3.7 metres in width and 35 metres in length was picked up by a 24-axle articulated lorry.

The extreme weight resulted from a cluster of cooling pipes inside the reactor, involving over 4,000 metres of pipes and more than 1,000 weld seams.

The Kremsmüller headquarters in Steinhaus near Wels are ideally connected to the motorway network and, thanks to this very central location, offer optimum conditions for manufacturing and transporting large components.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the way the project was implemented and gave very positive feedback.
July 2020
Heat accumulator for public utilities in Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim(SWLB)
Heat accumulator for public utilities in Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim(SWLB)
Kremsmüller and Max Straube were responsible for the foundations, heat accumulator and pipework.
Kremsmüller und das Tochterunternehmen Max Straube traten zuletzt wieder auf einigen Baustellen gemeinsam in Erscheinung. So zum Beispiel beim Projekt Wärmespeicher für die Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim, im Norden von Stuttgart.

Kremsmüller errichtete in Ludwigsburg einen Wärmespeicher mit 20 Metern Höhe, 14 Metern Durchmesser und 2.400 Kubikmetern Volumen. Dieser wird zum einen mit Energie von einem Holzheizkraftwerk gespeist, das mit Hackschnitzel aus der Region betrieben wird. Zum anderen liefert auch ein 14.800 Quadratmeter großes Solarfeld Wärme. Dieses „Solar-Heat-Grid“ ist mit Abstand das größte Projekt dieser Art in ganz Deutschland.

Zusätzlich zum Wärmespeicher errichtete Kremsmüller auch das Fundament inklusive der Bodenplatte samt Pfahlgründung. Ein Fliegerbombenalarm bei den Grabarbeiten in bis zu 13 Metern Tiefe sorgte dabei für Spannungsmomente, man blieb jedoch trotzdem im Zeitplan.

Max Straube übernahm bei diesem Projekt die Verrohrung des Wärmespeichers, sowie die Anbindung an das Kraftwerk. Zusätzlich wurde der alte Wärmespeicher zur Druckhaltung umgebaut.

Seitens der Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim war man mit den Arbeiten sowohl von Kremsmüller als auch von Max Straube hochzufrieden. Herausforderungen wurden kompetent und rasch gemeistert, wodurch der Zeitplan exakt eingehalten werden konnte.

Ein Video vom Projekt samt Interview mit einem Verantwortlichen der SWLB ist oben verlinkt.

Grafik: Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim GmbH
July 2020
Dear Customers and Partners!
Dear Customers and Partners!
We are pleased to confirm that we are able to offer you our services.
We have implemented a number of in-house security measures, which means we can ensure that all administrative processes function as smoothly as possible.

Our skilled personnel have received clear instructions on how to comply with the law governing COVID-19 measures in order to protect the health of both our employees and of yours. We are also trying to create back-up reserves through independent teams. Nevertheless, it is difficult to estimate the extent to which we can guarantee operations. Obviously, we must first and foremost consider the personal circumstances of our employees. Restrictions may also arise due to the availability of certain specialist skills and this will similarly affect material supplies. However, we will do our best to accommodate those employees who are able and willing to work.

Should you be unable to reach your usual contact person, our switchboard is manned throughout normal business hours: +43 7242 630 – 0.

Email enquiries can be sent to

We would like to thank you for your continued support in this exceptional situation.

Gregor Kremsmüller
June 2020
H2FUTURE for green steel production
H2FUTURE for green steel production
Kremsmüller participated in implementing the voestalpine reference project
H2FUTURE is THE lighthouse project of voestalpine. The world's largest hydrogen test plant for producing CO2-free hydrogen has been constructed at the Linz site. H2FUTURE has received a lot of national and international attention, showing steel producing companies that there is after all an alternative to coal!

The 18 million euro project was mainly implemented by the core players, voestalpine, Siemens and VERBUND. Kremsmüller in turn received part of the performance volume from Siemens. Decisive factors in this were the local proximity of our Linz site and our expertise in the field required.

Kremsmüller is delighted to have completed this reference project to the customer's complete satisfaction. The services included production and installation of the pipeline construction inside and outside the H2 plant as well as assembly and installation of the equipment. The project is presented in detail in the video.
January 2020
Kremsmueller Linz in the immediate vicinity of voestalpine
Kremsmueller Linz in the immediate vicinity of voestalpine
We are equipped for everything at the Linz Lunzerstraße site.
Kremsmüller with its branch in Lunzerstraße is very close to voestalpine AG in Linz. This immediate proximity to the large industrial plants offers a real competitive advantage!

More than 80 employees are currently employed at the 8,000 m² site and work in diverse halls and trades on the voestalpine premises. Among the many different halls there is also a production hall including a 10-ton truck-mounted crane. This is where we prefabricate what is needed at voest − speedily and flexibly.

We would like to use this video to introduce the Lunzerstraße site and our great team to you. We hope you have a lot of fun watching it!
January 2020
Economic efficiency and environmental performance of our industrial plants
Economic efficiency and environmental performance of our industrial plants
For the past year GLACONCHEMIE has been using a ThermoDec facility from Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) and Kremsmüller. A short overview of the economic efficiency and environmental performance of the industrial facility:
The advantages for the customer are really self-evident. A by-product from the operational process can now be recycled on-site.

To date, the raw material has been sold and transported to the Benelux countries through approximately 700 - 800 truckloads, with logistics offsetting a large part of the added value. The material is now being used to generate energy and materials at the company's own premises, thereby saving approximately 600 tons of CO2 annually!

In fact, the environment is reaping a double benefit, since the ThermoDec process generates entirely manageable quantities of a harmless salt.

The industrial facility is also highly profitable for the customer as it will have paid for itself in a maximum of two and a half years.
November 2019
Cool apprentice days in the country
Cool apprentice days in the country
Our new training concept APPRENTICESHIP + incorporates "more community" as one of its three main components. The apprentice days will definitely make an ideal contribution to fulfilling this goal.
Once a year the Kremsmüller apprentices take part for two days in workshops on a specific topic, where they also have time to get to know each other and interact. As in previous years, we went to Steyregg near Linz − the perfect green setting for a fabulous group event. Auch dieses Jahr ging es nach Steyregg bei Linz. Die ideale, grüne Umgebung für ein tolles Gruppenerlebnis.

This time the workshops were held under the motto "One for all, all for one". They included in-depth communication training that apprentices can make good use of in their daily dealings with each other, but also with their superiors.

The following points were covered:

  • Positive contact with superiors and colleagues based on partnership
  • Personal tools and first impressions
  • Basic principles of interpersonal communication
  • Active listening
  • Dealing with conflicts and how to avoid them
  • Etiquette and what I should pay attention to when dealing with superiors.
Many of the individual exercises also took place outdoors, which was still more fun in beautiful weather. The participants even went climbing together, which was highly enjoyable for everyone involved.

The opportunity of having all the apprentices together was used extensively. Current topics were addressed and company values conveyed. The young people were shown what was expected of them, and in return they were allowed to express their wishes. Gregor Kremsmüller provided a lot of first-hand information on what is expected of a family business!

All in all these were very successful apprentice days, which were brilliantly organized and presided over by the Schwechat apprentice coordinator, Philipp Lang.

Many more impressions of the Kremsmüller Apprentice Days 2019 can be found in the video linked above. Have fun!

You can find everything about our apprenticeships with "Apprenticeship +"
October 2019
Kremsmüller launches "APPRENTICESHIP+" at the Youth and Career trade fair in Wels
Kremsmüller launches "APPRENTICESHIP+" at the Youth and Career trade fair in Wels
APPRENTICESHIP+ from Kremsmüller at the "Youth and Career 2019" trade fair in Wels. Everything you need to know about apprenticeships, training and careers at Kremsmüller at Booth 99 in Hall 20 – drop by and pay us a visit!
The new training programme "APPRENTICESHIP+" offered by Kremsmüller will be launched in October at the "Youth & Career" 2019 trade fair. APPRENTICESHIP+ is based on three main components, which together ensure a perfect start to professional life!

Please come and visit us at the "Youth & Career" trade fair from 2 to 5 October 2019 at the Wels exhibition centre. At Booth 99 in Hall 20 we will provide you with everything you need to know about APPRENTICESHIP+ and consequently your best start in life!

We have also prepared some challenges for you. So be curious!

Here you can download an interactive plan of the trade fair so that you won't have any trouble finding us.

You can find all details about apprenticeships and training as well as contact details of the Human Resources Management team here.
September 2019
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