Machine migration Kremsmueller
Commissioning was carried out machine by machine in the new 15,000 m&sup2 factory building.

270 Machines Have a New Abode

An entire precision parts manufacturing facility was dismantled and set up again in a new building in two and a half months

A 40-person team was deployed in a large project involving a migration of machines in Wiener Neustadt. For a global player in the precision parts manufacturing sector, all the machines had to be transported from the old factory to a brand-new building ten kilometres away.

There were 270 production machines in use in the large manufacturing facility of the customer. Kremsmueller did about 500 trips with special vehicles, several cranes and trucks – in a relatively short time frame from mid-December to the end of February. Nonetheless, the entire production facility was dismantled, transported, set up again on a 1:1 basis and commissioned, all in time.

Production in the new building is once again in full swing. About 140 million parts are produced annually in this factory. Renowned companies like Gillette rely on products from this customer.

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Machine migration Kremsmueller special tractor
Special equipment and several cranes and trucks were deployed for the migration.
Precision parts manufacturing factory
Machine park in the new factory.