High bay warehouse Kremsmueller installation
A part of the distribution centre.

2,300 Meters of Materials-Handling Technology

One of the largest food retail logistics centres in the world was established in Finland and Kremsmüller was on board during the mechanical assembly.

The distribution centre for the logistics service provider Inex is being built in Sipoo near Helsinki and covers an area of 141,900 m². It will be commissioned in five sections from mid-2016 to the end of 2018. A total of 1,100 stores throughout Finland will be supplied daily with a full range of almost 26,000 different articles including dry goods, fresh produce and frozen foods (-26 degrees C).

The final phase 5 required an installation period of just under nine months. Kremsmüller was commissioned by the general contractor Witron with the mechanical installation of the conveyor system. Approximately 2,300 meters of materials handling technology were implemented together with eight fully automatic order-picking machines and 13 transverse shuttle cars with 320 meters of aisle equipment. The project, undertaken by Kremsmüller, was completed as planned at the beginning of March.

In order to be able to supervise possible future Witron projects to the best of our ability, we also turned our thoughts to training while conducting this all-embracing project. Two chief fitters were specially trained for Witron systems on site.

The challenge was, on the one hand, the scale of the overall project and on the other, coordinating the subassemblies. Michael Fuchs, WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH: “Due to the cramped conditions of some of the assembly areas, Kremsmüller carried out the installation with a great deal of consideration and regard for other trades, without any major incidents.”
Conveyor system, installation, Kremsmueller
Latest conveyor technology.
Order picking machines installation Kremsmueller
Complex logistics.