Kremsmueller I&C Petrochemicals Auersthal
The expansion of the extraction facility was completed in 16 months.

20 Tonnes Copper for Extraction Facility

A very large I&C project in the petrochemicals sector was completed successfully. All the installations are explosion-protected.

New plant parts were fitted in the extraction facility at Auersthal. The expansion was for separation of oil and water in the crude oil preparation process. The capacity was doubled to 900m&sup3/h.

The I&C team was responsible for all the operation steps for supply, control and monitoring of the expansion. In addition, the experts were also the direct contact persons for other suppliers in matters of I&C. This minimisation of the interfaces guaranteed the customer a highly efficient progression of the process. For the entire installation operation, 20 tonnes of copper in the form of busbars or wires were fitted or buried, 35 different control cabinets were manufactured and numerous other installations were carried out. “We completed the project in time and carried out all the installation work to the highest industry standard”, said the project manager.

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Kremsmueller I&C petrochemicals extraction facility
The complete instrumentation is explosion-protected.