Burner of the walking-beam furnace
48 Gas burners provide the necessary heat in the walking-beam furnace

170 tons of gas pipelines

A walking-beam furnace has been installed for a European processing group of the steel industry.

In a walking-beam furnace, steel slabs are heated to around 1,200°C. This enables them to undergo further processing into steel sheets or plates. These particularly efficient furnaces feature two-sided heating. An extensive network of pipes ensures the supply of operating gases.
In total, 170 tons of gas pipelines, as well as an evaporation cooling system were delivered and installed. The plant now has a reliable supply of nitrogen, natural gas, and blast furnace gas.
The project was topped off by the installation of all of the hydraulic pipes. After 35,000 hours of installation work, the new furnace was successfully put into operation.
Flush pipelines
Nitrogen flush pipelines were installed to prevent dangerous gases from remaining in the pipelines during plant downtimes.
Safety at a walking-beam furnace
Nitrogen flush pipelines ensure safety during down times